Trivia Timers is our 100% FREE trivia league where if you sign up, we track your scores all year long and keep a running total on our pages! If you are one of the top 10 teams in the league at the end of November, you will be invited to our tournament of champions!! At the tournament of champions, we will have a very challenging 2 hour game of trivia where the best teams will duke it out for $500.00 in prizes!! Plus, the best part...the honor of calling yourselves the Trivia Timer's Champion of that year!

It is absolutely free to sign up, just email us at with your team name and that is all you have to do!

Best of luck!


Top 10

1. The Losers (1253)

2. Mike and Ikes (1169)

3. 1st order (1075)

4. The Lords and their Wenches (1067)

5. Tea For Two (985)

6. We Are Not Creative (896)

7. R & B (806)

8. Marquis Mark and the Trivia Bunch (597)

9. King Max's Clan (544)

10. Last Call (537)